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Our pediatric nebulizer section is designed to showcase our friendly and fun nebulizers for kids as many children require a nebulizer machine to help with their respiratory disorder such as asthma. These stylized nebulizer machines can help a child feel more at ease taking a breathing treatment. These nebulizers are designed to entice children to remain calm and entertained for the duration of their nebulizer treatments. Leading manufacturers like Drive Medical , Graham-Field and many more bring you varying types of pediatric nebulizers.


Tips for Using Nebulizers with Babies

Babies wiggle a lot, which makes administering nebulizer treatments a challenge. Some tips for you to make treatments easy:

  • Start the nebulizing treatment at the time your baby is more likely to be sleepy and tolerate treatments better like after meals, before a nap, or at bedtime.
  • Place the nebulizer on a towel or rug to reduce noise from the vibrations as the noise might bother your little on.  A longer tubing can also be helpful as it would keep the noisiest part away from the baby.
  • Hold your child upright in your lap during the treatment. Sitting upright helps in better treatment by delivering more medication throughout the lungs.
  • You can also swaddle your baby if they’re more comfortable that way.


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